The Fun In Japan


The lovely far northern islands of Rebun-tō and Rishiri-tō are ideal summer escapes. Hokkaidō’s most historic city is Hakodate. The old castle town of Matsumoto, and Nagano, with its atmospheric temple of pilgrimage.On the Sea of Japan coast, the historic city of Kanazawa.


South of the Japan Alps, the Kansai plains are scattered with ancient temples, shrines. Shikoku also offers dramatic scenery in the Iya valley and along its rugged coastline. The southernmost of Japan’s four main islands, Kyūshū is probably best known for Nagasaki, an attractive and cosmopolitan city that has overcome its terrible war-time history. Fukuoka, on the other hand, takes pride in its innovative modern architecture and an exceptionally lively entertainment district.

It’s wise to reserve at least your first few nights’ accommodation before arrival, especially at the cheaper hostels and minshuku in Tokyo and Kyoto. One of the great pleasures of a trip to Japan is exploring the full and exotic range of Japanese food and drink. A shokudō is a kind of canteen that serves a range of traditional and generally inexpensive dishes.

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